End-to-end system

10 X cheaper than

laser based Systems

Print, debind, sinter

  • No hazardous powders

  • No respirators

  • No external ventilation

  • No 480V 3-phase power

  • No stress relief

  • No lasers

  • No 3rd party equipment

  • No dedicated operators

  • No welded supports

  • No special facilities


* Price per unit exlude consumable and service kits

Production System
Shipping to Pioneer Customers in Q2 2019
  • DM production printers can produce near net parts (higher productivity per build)

  • DM production has greater throughput


Why Viridis3D



• Simple To Use Software

• Continuous Production

• Robust ABB Robotics

• Heavy-duty Palmer Auxiliaries

• Standard Foundry Sand and Resin System

• Reduce Set-up Time

• Optimize Consumption of Media Per Build

• Reduce Operating Cost

• Build Only What You Need – One Part or 100 Parts



3D printed pattern casting can offer the following benefits.


-          Design complex components without adding cost

-          Cost reduction of up to 70% on patterns

-          Lead time reduction of 80%

-          Surpass limitations of conversional technologies

-          Change designs without hassle

-          Enable manufacturing of small batches

-           Shorten time to market

Please contact us for an updated price as per   Desktop Metals.

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