AMTC Is committed to supply a unique set of systems, strategies, AMT equipment and materials to cater for a wide range of industry, and to assist clients with the transition from current manufacturing and product development processes to AMT workflow processes, ensuring smooth change over with maximum benefit to the bottom line.        We will be doing this by means of:




AMTC helps companies understand and address opportunities to apply advanced manufacturing technologies to impact their businesses’ performance, innovation, and growth. Our insights into additive manufacturing allow us to help organizations reassess their people, process, technology, and innovation strategies in light of this emerging set of technologies.

Consulting services that develops and implement tailor-made strategies for  Prototyping, Production, Support Parts, Bridge manufacturing, Cheaper faster and  more flexible supply chains

5 Step Process

  • Discovery

  • Strategy Development

  • Implementation

  • Optimisation

  • Benefit Statement

Printing as a Service

  • Turn ideas into reality

  • 3D printing to experience how the parts will work before producing final product

  • 3D printing services, for on-demand production of prototypes, individual products as well as short-run manufacturing.

  • Creates parts totally adapted to your needs. It will fit your projects quite easily as you make custom parts.

  • Get your product to market quicker

Proto type printing

Bridge Manufacturing 10 to 500 units

Functional parts

Moulds, Jigs, Dies  & Fixtures

Custom Parts

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